Social Responsibility

novitronic demonstrates its commitment to CSR,
by minimising the impact of its business on society and the environment.


novitronic not only offers its customers high-quality products and services, but also demonstrates its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We care about the impact our business has on society and the environment in order to minimise negative social and environmental impacts.

We also regularly review our internal processes to ensure that they are efficient and energy-saving. For example, we send our goods by sea freight wherever possible, re-use the original packaging material if possible and use stretch machines to protect the goods on the pallets, which require less stretch film. We have also switched our company's power supply completely to green electricity, i.e. electricity from sustainable energy sources. When our new logistics building is completed, we will also generate electricity with a PV system, which will be installed on the roof of the building.

ISO 14001

By complying with ISO 14001 environmental management standards, novitronic can minimise its environmental impact and integrate sustainable practices into its business processes. This leads to a reduction in our environmental footprint and demonstrates our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

For customers, this means that they can rely on a responsible and environmentally conscious supplier who complies with environmental standards and thus helps to reduce the environmental impact of their own processes.

When selecting our suppliers, we make sure that they are also certified to ISO 14001 wherever possible, so that we can focus on increasing efficiency and productivity during the product manufacturing process, which ultimately leads to more sustainable product quality.

ISO 14001


With the EcoVadis certification, we at novitronic want to show that sustainability and social responsibility are very important to us. EcoVadis not only assesses the sustainability performance of a company, but also the sustainability performance of its suppliers. Certification enables us to identify potential risks in our supply chain and take measures to minimise them. This can help to avoid disruptions in the supply chain and reduce the risk of reputational and compliance issues. We can also reduce our resource consumption and minimise waste by identifying and implementing efficiency measures.

EcoVadis Medaille


By using IntegrityNext, our customers can ensure that novitronic adheres to high standards in terms of social and environmental responsibility. This enables you, our customer, to assess our sustainability performance and ensure that you are working with a trusted partner who has integrated ethical principles and sustainability standards into their business practices and that our values are aligned with your own.


Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets out our ethical standards and values within the company. We want to create an environment characterised by integrity, honesty and responsibility. The Code of Conduct helps us to identify and minimise risks in business life. It sets out clear rules and standards of behaviour to prevent corruption, fraud, discrimination and other legal or ethical violations. It also sets out clear expectations for employee behaviour and promotes a corporate culture based on respect, fairness and equal treatment.

In addition, the Code of Conduct helps us to adhere to legal and regulatory compliance requirements. It ensures that we comply with all relevant laws and regulations and adhere to ethical standards.

novitronic is committed to supporting the implementation of the guidelines by its suppliers and within the entire value chain to the best of its ability.

Code of Conduct

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