NI-MH accumulators, LSD

Round cells with reduced self-discharge (LSD)

Without mercury and lead
Rechargeable up to 1000x
Continuously chargeable
Reduced self-discharge
Nominal voltage: 1.2V/cell
Life expectancy: 5-7 years
Continuous charging current: 0.05C (A)
Cyclic use: >1000 cycles @20% depth of discharge

Temperature range:

  • Charge: 0°C...+45°C
  • Fast charging: +10°C...+45°C
  • Discharge: -20°C...+60°C
  • Storage: -20°C...+25°C

Ni-Cd/Ni-MH cells are delivered with an undefined charge level.
Full capacity is achieved through repeated cycling.
Charge only with chargers designed for this purpose, see the Chargers chapter.
Batteries are recycled. Please return to the point of sale.

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  • Description: NiMHAkku1.2V/2.0Ah-lsd
  • Diameter [mm]: 14.3 mm
  • Length [mm]: 50.3 mm
  • Voltage [V]: 1.2 V
  • Capacity [Ah]: 2 Ah
  • Manufacturer: YUASA


  • Description: NiMHAkku1.2V/0.8Ah-lsd
  • Diameter [mm]: 10.2 mm
  • Length [mm]: 44.5 mm
  • Voltage [V]: 1.2 V
  • Capacity [Ah]: 0.8 Ah
  • Manufacturer: YUASA

Capacity [Ah]


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