Piezoelectric speakers

Overview of the advantages of Piezoelectric speakers:

  • Wider frequency range by combination of diaphragm and piezo disc
  • Aggressive loud spund pressure levels up to 110db/2m
  • Ideal for alarm and siren devices
  • Sound solutions for automotive applications on request

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  • Diameter [mm]: 46 mm
  • Height [mm]: 23.5 mm
  • Rated Voltage [V]: 12 V
  • Rated Current [mA]: 20 mA
  • Sound Output at 10cm [dB]: 95 dB
  • Resonant Frequency [Hz]: 2,500 Hz
  • Manufacturer: Chinasound


  • Diameter [mm]: 48 mm
  • Height [mm]: 10.5 mm
  • Rated Voltage [V]: 9 V
  • Rated Current [mA]: 20 mA
  • Sound Output at 10cm [dB]: 105 dB
  • Resonant Frequency [Hz]: 2,800 Hz
  • Manufacturer: Ariose
Diameter [mm]

Height [mm]

Rated Voltage [V]

Rated Current [mA]

Sound Output at 10cm [dB]

Resonant Frequency [Hz]


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